DB Appliances - Fridge & Freezer Repairs for Smeg

Your fridge or freezer breaking down can really ruin your day. Not only is there the problem of damage to the contents but also the inconvenience and cost of re-stocking. You can guarantee it will always happen at the worst possible time, the day before the whole family turns up expecting to be fed for example.

Even when they don't break down, fridges and freezers can run inefficiently, costing you more in energy than they should. Unusual creaking, cracking or rattling is often a sign that things are going wrong so don't wait until the food has to go in the bin, call us to check things over and keep you cool.

All machines, Frost Free or conventional will benefit from a regular check-up. Testing refrigerant pressures, door seals and electronic controls can help give you peace of mind. Or, if the worst has happened and you have a breakdown, you can rely on DB Appliances to get to you quickly, understand the problem and fix it efficiently, very often before the freezer has had time to warm up enough to damage its contents. Keep our number handy for emergencies or contact us now to arrange a periodic check-up.

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